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Soundcloud Promotions is unique promotion program made for artists that are looking to buy Soundcloud followers and plays. With our help we will get you additional exposure on our Network.

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250+ Followers & 2,000+ Plays
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in 3-8 days.
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500+ Followers & 4,000+ Plays
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All Music Genres
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Soundcloud Promotion

Our Service is quite simple. We own numerous music related networks where we promote your Soundcloud tracks. Our blog network is using advanced marketing operating platform that measures statistics so we can keep up with your orders.

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Choose a package that fits your needs. After choosing a Soundcloud promotion package please select package from drop-down menu in PayPal section that you can find on each order page. After successful purchase we'll contact you within 48 hours with additional details and request for your track URLs.

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Our Guarantees

We guarantee that each play and follower will be unique from world wide audience but we can't guarantee any feedback on your track as your tracks are not promoted just to registred Soundcloud users and thus they cannot comment/favorite.

Our Promotional Services

Since the electronic music culture is one that dominates the internet, a solid online presence is the hallmark of a successful career. Thats why your profile must be well promoted. It'll be a pleasaure to speak individualy with you about promo.

About Us

Who Are We

Our team is small but motivated. Our support team will be pleased to answer your questions about the Soundcloud promotion service we offer.

Our professional team will always be available for your questions and payment process guidance.

Why Soundcloud Plays and Followers?

Why should you buy Soundcloud followers and plays? You might ask yourself why would you need extra plays on your tracks. Having in mind that high plays count reflects how much you care for your image and brand, you can be sure that having plays on your track is essential

Buy Soundcloud Plays

Promos for Record Labels

Since the electronic music culture is one that dominates the internet, a solid online presence is the hallmark of a successful electronic record label. A good website, connections with other labels and blogs, and a social media presence are all necessary components for promoting a label and its acts. Many electronic labels don’t even bother with physical record releases anymore, since the electronic music community, especially fans, operate mostly in the digital realm. Solely digital album releases are in no way uncommon, and offer for greater profits for labels and artists alike.

Electronic music record labels certainly operate differently than major record labels, but this often leads to a greater profit margin and the ability to more easily reach a larger segment of the genre’s fans via our unique Soundcloud promotions service.

The Advantages

The internet has given an advantage to almost any kind of artist. You can post anything on the variety of social networking sites that exist today. This advantage however, comes with a great cost. Everybody else has the same opportunity that you do, and the internet is flooded with aspiring musicians. So, you need to put your music on the internet in a way that stands out. This is why it's important that you buy followers for Soundcloud and reach the masses, interested in your type of music. First, when posting a track to soundcloud always use a wide range of tags. “Tags” are broad concepts that are attached to your post. When someone searches for that concept, your track will come up that search.

Do not just randomly assign tags, but think about your audience and what kind of terms they would use to discover music. Ultimately the more hits you can get, the more visible your track is. Secondly, consider working with other musicians or like minded artists. You can refer each other on the internet and effectively share each others fan base. These strategies should aid and artist in promoting their art beside our unique promo strategie, that offer pretty instant recognition and exposure.

Why Do You Need To Promote Yourself?

The world of music has changed drastically over the last couple decades. With today’s communication technology, the millions of hopeful musicians around the country are able to find a place on the internet to broadcast their music. For electronic music artists, recognizing this shift is the key to successful campaign. Successful Soundcloud promotion for electronic music artists consist of two major objectives: develop the ability to properly master your tracks and stand out as unique in a pool of millions of musicians throughout the internet.

Develop Strategies

Since many people these days do most of their shopping on the internet, it is important to have your music available on that medium. Before you can develop strategies to get your work noticed, you need to gain the knowledge to properly mix and master your technique. This skill will give your music a professional feel, which will immediately translate to the listener that you are experienced and polished. Also, since strangers on the internet will be streaming your music, they will be playing your songs on many different types of stereos and headsets. Professional mastering ensures that your song will sound good on almost any sound system. Poorly mastered music may suddenly have no bass response in someone’s car stereo. Finding some literature on recording music is a way to learn this skill. This is especially true for electronic music to give the instruments an element of realism. You can hire a sound technician to mix your tracks for you; however this can become very expensive.

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Our blog network covers all genres of music but majority of our blogs is Electronic Dance Music oriented (70%).

Over the years in internet business we developed about 20 music related portals that gathers masses of fans. We satisfy apetite for fresh music for over 30.000 unique music lovers daily.

Blogs receive majority of traffic via email newsletters, Google search results, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

  • More than 40,000 unique visitors daily
  • High profile targeted visitors
  • Visitors from over 80 countries

Years In Industry
Our Comprehensive knowledge will guide you through promotion.

The Best Methods
Our methods are unique and effective. Try, and u'll see.

Friendly Prices
Wide price ranges and cost friendly packages. Just Check!

Professional Service
After years in service business, we know how to serve Clients!

Others About Us:

  • Aaron from United States:
    We've been looking for this kind of service for months. We're happy because we get exactly what we need.

  • Dave from Canada:
    Matt and his support team is offering really unique promotion plans. We do promotions with them on daily basis.

  • Anton from Germany:
    Service is the best. I love to see how things can happen so fast and easy for a nice price as well. 10/10!
Why Us?

  • We offer uniquely built promotion for artists, looking for additional promotion. Our Music Blog Network generates dozens of thousands unique visitsors each day.

  • Our service will bring you exposure overnight from fans whom are genuinely interested in genre of music you're in.

  • Our service helped many musicians and record labels reach top charts, new collaborations and contacts.

  • We're offering good prices with friendly support with years in IT and music industry.

Our Promotional Packages:

  • Solo Package
    Our Solo package is designated for those that want to try our service first before going big.
  • Lite Package
    Package plan for artists is appropriate for "medium" artists and those who know what they want.
  • Pro Package
    Scale promotion and get best results for good price.
  • Pro Plus Package
    Get best price and make campaigns for multiple artist profiles.
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