Soundcloud promotional services for labels

Promotional Opportunities

There are many opportunities in Soundcloud promotional services for labels. These services can make artists, DJs, singers and even managers more visible to agents. Some sites work independently to promote an artist through Soundcloud, and many charge a fee to help optimize searches for anything relating to your work. Increased visibility can help labels become very successful, to the point of signing record deals and gigs. There are thousands of original tracks posted on Soundcloud every day, and by promoting a label with real user feedback, someone can potentially rise above all of the other artists. The more feedback someone gets on a song, or other material the higher it ranks in searches and many catch a producer’s eye. Inviting people who listen or work in a certain genre of music to comment on a label’s track is how publicity works on Soundcloud. Simply being on Soundcloud is a powerful opportunity for promotional services, even if labels are undiscovered, since the website works like a social media platform for music.

Why SoundCloud Platform?

In 2010, Soundcloud partnered with a music portal called The Hype Machine, which lets labels and artists have access to music bloggers. Coordination with a music bloggers services can increase popularity through pre-release or new tracks. By working in the popular web hobby of blogging a label can heavily increase feedback on Soundcloud, and make them more likely to be picked up by an agent. Every dj has his own method and and we have written some good points about how your promotions has to be done.Music is easily shared through social networking, and sometimes songs can go viral through that method. Another option that is growing fast in popularity is the use of apps, and widgets on smartphones.

Premium Program

Soundcloud has a premium membership option as well, with tools that can be used very well with label promotions. The first important feature is the increased storage space under such a membership, with more tracks on the site, producers and users can get a better feel for the music being promoted. Premium users can also have increased bandwidth and even more music production tools. The distribution tools they also offer, like song analysis, can increase user feedback if used correctly. Souncloud can be a powerful tool for both producers and labels, especially when used in tandem with other online tools like social media, and blogging.

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