Soundcloud Promotion For DJs

Have you just started promoting yourself?

You are passionate about music. You have excellent taste. You know how to get the party started. You are a DJ. You have the talent and you have the equipment. Now how do you get the business? Promoting yourself as a DJ may be the hardest part of an otherwise fun and fulfilling job. Here are some simple and effective ideas, most of which won’t cost you a dime. First of all, get yourself deeply involved in social media. If you’re seeking for additional recognition and plays, check our service where you can buy Soundcloud plays over Paypal for few bucks safe and fast. Start up Facebook and Twitter accounts if you haven’t already done so. Try to post every day. Don’t let people forget you. Post every single time you have a gig. Follow it up with pictures and videos. Stay positive; even if the event didn’t go well, talk it up like it was the best party of the year.

Get attention you need

Create buzz around your business to generate more. If you haven’t already, make a website. Secure a domain name and get a friend or a professional to build a great looking, easy to navigate website. This is the best place to direct interested people for all the information they need to become your new client. Make sure your site has reviews and a complete list of rates and services. Get business cards made up and hand them out to everyone; sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Vista Prints is an easy and affordable resource for all print materials. Consider “donating” your DJ services to a party or event in order to generate interest. People who see you spin will want to hire you for their party.

Be professional about your promotion

Word of mouth is always the best way to advertise, so offer your satisfied customers a referral reward like a discount on their next booking. That way, they refer you to a friend and they come back for more business. It’s win-win! Above all, don’t forget that you are a professional. No one will take you seriously unless you take yourself seriously. Always represent yourself as the best possible choice. Be courteous, be punctual, and be professional. Have a style that is all your own and own it. Carry yourself like a competent and confident individual in every aspect of your life; you never know when or where you will meet your next client. The way you carry yourself is the strongest form of advertising. And it’s free!

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