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Our service is straightforward. We run numerous music networks and this gives us a powerful promotional arsenal. We’ll load your track and fire it to the masses that we reach.

Due to our advanced statistics platform, we’ll be able to supervise and optimize the promotional process. All you have to do is give us the tracks and buy Soundcloud plays via payment form.

If you’re interested in purchasing additional followers, you can buy them here: buy Soundcloud followers

Why You Want Our Team

We’re exclusively devoted to promoting electronic music on the Internet and we’re confident in our experience.

Our dynamic team is compact and highly effective,as we work on an individual basis. Once you’re registered we’d love to speak about your project with you.

Feel free to contact us at our e-mail address: if you need additional details about our advertising or PayPal payment process.

Soundcloud Plays Are Guaranteed

While we cannot predict the amounts of reactions to your tracks in the form of comments, since not all Soundcloud users has registered accounts and even if they do, not everyone comment tracks, but you are guaranteed – and this is what you really want from promotion – to have a various world-wide audience that will be exposed to your tracks.

What you get from this Soundcloud promotion is a so-called ‘snowflake effect’ – effect that increases exposure and popularity.

Kickstart Promo

We worked to make this as simple as possible:

Pick one of the packages we have prepared. Select the package buy Soundcloud play from the drop-down menu in the PayPal section (on the order page), and after a successful purchase we’ll contact you within 48 hours with request for Soundcloud tracks URLs that you want us to promote on our music blog network. When you’ll buy Soundcloud plays, that will not only increase your exposure, but also get you new connections and opportunities to collaborate with other artists.

Right Crowd

There are literally millions of musicians that are competing simultaniously for worldwide exposure. Becuase the competition today is global, and the amount of musicians grew exponentially due to the ease of access to music producing software, you need something to set you apart from the crowd.

Our experience and research shows that in the initial phase, promotion is the crucial factor.

Winning Strategy

A successful promotional strategy is composed of two parts: one, properly mastering your music and , two, the proper promotion of your tracks. Let’s be frank, the world has change, and the biggest change is the advent of the Internet. In today’s world the Internet is the medium people use to discover and buy music. Internet is the star that killed both the radio and the video star.

Growing Further

Poorly mastered music makes it impossible to predict how it will play on various music systems (say, in a car music system). This is especially true for electronic music, since you want to give the instruments in your tracks that real feel. Note that your tracks will stream on the Internet and be played on many different devices, stereos, headsets. Professional mastering ensures that your songs will be heard the way you want them to be heard: with an impeccable quality of sound, and on all devices.

5 Tips & Tricks

Soundcloud is still the best place for music promotion. This is why learning how to promote properly is an indispensable skill every musician should have. But adding sets, uploading tracks and interacting with others shouldn’t be the only thing you do. You really want to be fully involved with commenting, joining groups and following others, which is both excellent for promotion and – what’s best about it – it’s fun as well!

Why Do I Need Soundcloud Plays

In today’s crowded world, it’s sometimes hard to get yourself noticed. Even talented people fall through the cracks, simply due to the overwhelming volume of people out there. This isn’t a sign of lack of effort, sometimes it’s just the way it seems to be. You might feel as if there’s no hope for a small time music artists, in particular. Getting exposure in today’s busy world requires something a little more than simple word of mouth. You need Soundcloud plays! And that’s just what we provide!

Are you a hard working individual with a record label to keep up with? Our service is perfect way to get your artist’s promotions out onto the web fast and easy! When an artist walks into your studio looking to sign a label, he will want a greatly promoted record label to carry his fame. After our initial Soundcloud plays promotion phase you might want to improve your results even further. Depending on your production quality you may want to work on it further. Professional mastering gives you the guarantee of impeccable quality, the perfect sound that will be the same no matter which device it’s played on (even in a car music system).

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