About Soundcloud And Promotion

What’s Soundcloud?

SoundCloud is a social platform for the promotion, distribution and creation of music enjoyed by millions of aspiring musicians across the world. SoundCloud, which officially launched in 2008, has since eclipsed other larger sites such as MySpace in terms of the amount of music promotion that is done there, and the site boasts more than ten million users, both fans and musicians.

SoundCloud is a private Swedish company currently headquartered in Berlin, and its ease of use and powerful music promotion and distribution tools have transformed the music industry. Founded by Alex Ljung, a sound designer and Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud started from extremely humble beginnings to become the 365th most popular website in the world and an incredibly significant force in DJ promotion and music promotion, especially in the genres of trance and electronica.

Why Soundcloud was created

SoundCloud’s main purpose for founding was to challenge MySpace in the field of music promotion and distribution. MySpace had many problems and annoyances that made it difficult for musicians to market their music to large audiences, such as the inability to link directly to music files or embed them on sites and the extreme difficulty of music collaboration. These reasons were the main motivators behind the creation and founding of SoundCloud.

The founders felt that they needed a good site for which to promote, distribute and collaborate on music, but none that suited them existed. Realizing the business opportunity, SoundCloud was founded.

Soundcloud features

SoundCloud has many other features that are not in MySpace as well. For instance, songs on SoundCloud can be easily shared on other social networks, while music on MySpace was locked into the MySpace platform and could not be easily embedded on other sites such as Facebook or Twitter. SoundCloud also makes use of smartphones, apps and widgets. SoundCloud’s smartphone apps allow users to upload and download music from the SoundCloud service from anywhere in the world. SoundCloud, which already has an incredible amount of value for a free service, also has premium services. Premium users are given more music production and distribution tools, such as advanced song analytics and increased bandwidth and storage space.

SoundCloud has successfully challenged MySpace and continues to rise as the most popular music distribution platform. As you can see, success on SoundCloud is vital for any aspiring musician due to the many features of the site and its size. You should already know that spreading a music can be hard and that’s why we created a service that offer exactly that. Check and buy Soundcloud plays for your profile and music. Anyone that produces, distributes or has any other work in the music industry would be incredibly benefited by learning to better use the SoundCloud social music platform. SoundCloud, which started as an idea for how to make music production better, has since become essential to music producers. SoundCloud is an incredibly important tool in any musician’s or music promoter’s portfolio.

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