5 Soundcloud Tips And Tricks

Did you compose or remix a musical piece and you don’t know how to promote it? Well, maybe you spent whole days on the project, even weeks, or moths, to create that amazing track and when you finally thought it was ready for people to hear it, you didn’t know what to do? It’s out of that necessity that Soundcloud.com was born, to give musicians of every genre a chance to promote themselves. We went through the process a few times so we can share our tips and tricks from our experience.

Sign up at soundcloud.com , which is a completely free site. It would be a good idea to tour the site a bit to get used to it. Play with the search function on the right of the home page, entering any key word (David Guetta for instance). See what happens. Listen, explore.

After you’ve learned how to post your track, which is as simple as locating the upload button on the home page, the first thing you’ll want to do is to share it on other social networks. Whatever social network you’re using: facebook, twitter, myspace, be sure to link to your tracks URL on soundcloud once they’re uploaded, with a nice short description of the track.

Join groups on SoundCloud that are either related to your specific music genre (be specific; look into subgenres), or groups that are especially targeted to the area you live in. SoundCloud is a social platform so it is essential that you click »favourite« on the mixes you like most, and that you comment on other people tracks. Also, make sure you properly tag your tracks so that people searching for new music can find them!

Buy a subscription to get a proper account. If you really want the extra boost on your promotion, you must be willing to spare a few bucks a year for this; otherwise you’re limited to only 2 hours upload, which can’t be enough if you’re serious about online music promotion. Think of it like this. If it wasn’t for the Internet and Soundcloud, you’d be spending hundreds if not thousands to burn CD and send them around for promotions. What’s a few bucks a year compared to that?

Look good to attract. First of all, a good logo will instantly add to your status. If you can pay a good designer to make it, that will undoubtedly bear the best result. My advice is to check the artists you like and look at their logos to get an idea. Your soundcloud profile must look impeccable! Take your time to work on it. We also suggest you to try our service where you can buy Soundcloud followers affordable and safe via Paypal payment processor.

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